The Truth About Your Logo

In our first blog post, we discussed the importance of clarifying your brand’s message. We shared why it’s imperative to get super clear and nail down your branding first.

Your branding is your foundation. Once established, everything else becomes so much easier to create such as your copy, content, and yes, YOUR LOGO!

A well crafted logo design is needed to echo your brand’s message. They are the visual triggers, which can evoke a specific emotion as it relates to your culture, your values, your company’s identity. Your brand must be able to translate itself through fonts, color schemes, products, and design.

Logos should be distinctive and make your company stand out from the others at one glance. Companies such as Apple, Starbucks, and Red Bull, just to name a few, are amongst those remarkable, brands that are recognizable and timeless.

With the rise of our digital society growing significantly each year, consumers are engaging with interactive brands that visually stimulate experiences and catches the mobile eye. Some of the best designs we see our mobile app logos. They are simple yet effective in creating a specific experience with the user.

Without a powerful logo design that can translate in both web and mobile platforms, businesses are left to fight for consumer/user attention which is getting extremely competitive. There are new app developers, independent and global businesses, startups being launched every day.

Who survives? Ultimately, the ones that the market demands, but also the businesses that have built a solid foundation in their brand and design.

Do logos matter?

It’s your visual identity.

Of course, it does.

  1. Make sure the final product is a vector and not a jpeg. No designer should be designing your logo in photoshop. You need a scalable logo that won’t pixelate when increased in size. Bottom line, the logo should not be hard to reproduce for other mediums.
  2. Colors should be between 2-3. The more colors you have the more expensive it is when you reproduce it for business cards and anything that requires offset printing. Remember that.
  3. Make sure you tell your designer to stay away from stock vector images. Your logo must be unique and original to avoid copyright issues in the future.

Good design matters! Our Houston Digital Marketing Agency is ready to help you take the first step with establishing your brand .

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