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“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” – Steve Jobs


Where do we begin?

First off, this creative baby of ours has been in the cooker for quite some time.

Maybe too long?

We believe so.

But, hey, it’s all about timing, right?

Let’s rewind back to 2004. Oscar and I were working at a Market Research company. His team relocated to our office and that’s where we first met. We discovered and bonded over our creative passions.

Oscar was attending the Art Institute of Houston studying Multimedia and Web Design. I was attending Houston Community College where I was studying Music Engineering.

Between having a day job and studying at school, we started collaborating on creative projects.

The first one was a promotional event company called, Universoul Reflections, where we organized and hosted amazing rooftop parties.

Of course, Oscar would design all the fliers and graphics for promotion. I used my early “superpowers” as a PR/Marketing guy trying to get the word out. Handing out fliers at other events and organizing a street team to let everyone know our party was one not to be missed.

It was so grassroots and we worked passionately to make sure we over delivered on experience. We wanted people to remember our events and come back for much more. And, trust me, people loved our events for the uniqueness and experience.

In retrospect, it’s safe to say, this is where we started building our blocks as a branding/community building team. Incorporating multimedia to produce the visual appeal and working effortlessly on marketing the experience.

After the promotional company dissolved. Oscar and I ventured off into our own creative projects. Always keeping in touch and supporting each other. Watching from afar and ready to help out if needed.


Oscar of REKORD, Houston Digital Marketing Agency


Oscar went ahead to start his own branding company called, Forml8 Creative Group, where he focused on helping local businesses with media services. Building HTML/Flash websites (Do you remember those?) and creating logos for some local companies.

As he was working as a freelancer, he had a singing itch to start an internet radio station. That itch became a scratch called—New Wave Radio. The internet radio station garnered success as it grew locally and internationally. His passion for music reemerged in … Infused Radio.

In 2016, Oscar decided to do something different. After being inspired by a dinosaur playing session with his son. He had this audacious vision to start a dinosaur entertainment company—Jurassic Extreme.

The company has grown and achieved success as Houston’s number one premier live entertainment company for children. A remarkable company, no question.


Ozeal of REKORD, Houston Digital Marketing Agency


As for me, I’ll keep it short since the shiny object syndrome got the best of me. Here are a few creative projects I started. Each and every one of them has inspired and taught me a lot about branding, marketing, and community building.

District Soul Promotions (A company that organized local music events for funk/soul/hip-hop artists)

Indie Loop (In 2013, I started this company which focused on showcasing and promoting independent businesses and entrepreneurs.)

Connected Creatives & Podcasting (In 2014, I started organizing events to bring together creatives to teach them about entrepreneurship. In conjunction, I started a podcast, – No Permission Needed, where I interviewed some of the most successful entrepreneurs & thought leaders in the world.

I still podcast and loving it.
I love content creation/marketing.
I’m more passionate than ever about organizing live events.

So what now?


REKORD (Houston Digital Marketing Agency)

Fast forward to 2017 and here we are.

After seeing each other work in the same industry for so long. It was time to combine creative forces and help others build their own online platform.

Through our plethora of experience in web design, logo creation, brand development, graphic design and community building.

We were ready to go ALL IN and leverage new media tools such as video, audio, and community marketing to create a special kind of Houston Digital Marketing Agency.

You see, we’ve been deep in the trenches for many years honing our skills and passion for content creation and web development.

The strategies change but the principles don’t.

Marketing and Branding still matters.

Business messaging still matters.

Understanding your target community and giving them valuable content….yup…..

It still matters.

We are excited to help businesses grow, generate more sales, get more leads, and ALSO… a brand that stands out and delivers more than just a service.

Reverting to Steve Job’s quote about connecting the dots backward; this is so true and resonates with our journey up to this point.

Funny how it all makes sense one day. We’re ready to embark on this new journey together and we welcome you to join us to……



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