What’s your Identity?

Is your logo your brand?


Is your logo your business?


Are you ready for this?

Remarkable branding isn’t about a having a great logo design. However, defining your brand DOES require great design and messaging. Design is the super glue to your business. All of the elements are vital in creating a specific perception to your clients/audience.

Design elements such as fonts, colors, symbols are the building blocks in enhancing your business/brand’s perception.

Much like a beautifully crafted cocktail. The cocktail is the business. The ingredients like fresh juices, bitters, syrups, and so on, are the magical components in making that sexy cocktail stand out and be presentable to the public.

You want to evoke that “I want what she’s having,” about your business/brand.

The desire to engage, strike an emotion and have them want a taste.

Get It?

Your business identity is super important, and  it needs a specialized design to amplify the experience.

Your logo to your ethos. Your personal style.  Your welcoming invitation to say, “Here we are if YOU want a taste.”

A question we always get is how much we should invest in logo/branding development?  Can’t I just go to Fivver or get something online for cheap?

Our reply, we all have choices, but are you willing to sacrifice your desired perception to the world?

The number one most common mistake we see our client’s impatience to create a logo without nailing down their brand.

Don’t make this mistake!

Here’s one valuable, take-away tip that can save you a ton a money and headaches in the future. Trust us. You can thank you us later.

We want you to succeed so it’s our duty to be %100 real with you.

Here it is.

Invest in making sure you are super clear about your brand’s message. What’s your positioning? What is your promise to the client? When people see your design, what do they automatically think of? What are they feeling when they do your brand?

Yes, we know that’s A LOT of questions which is why we encourage emerging businesses to hire a Houston Digital Marketing Agency/consultant for brand defining identity session.

  • Vision
  • Taglines
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Naming
  • Content
  • and so on.

They’re ALL the special ingredients in your business that will create a desire perception for people to taste.

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