The Buffalo Market Video Recap

Every so often, there comes an event that hits the pocket of your city’s culture. One that encapsulates all the things that make your city unique and remarkable.

The Buffalo Market , organized by Hector Garcia, was an event that featured some of Houston’s most remarkable artisan businesses. Shoe vendors, grooming products, tasty local rum and beer, and much more. Not to mention, they had an old fashioned bar with an amazing local bartender (Erin Faye) and a friendly, passionate barista serving up great coffee.

We were excited to check out The Buffalo Market. The rainy, gloomy weather couldn’t hold us back. We arrived ready to capture the essence behind this unique event. Camera ready. Let’s go!

As we were walking in, we could hear the music vibrating from the venue, which by the way, is a really cool, gritty art gallery.  I’m not sure how often they host events, but it’s definitely a venue that exudes dope creative energy.

Back to the market, Orlando and I had a great time meeting all the vendors and documenting their business story. As a creative, I love meeting other creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to giving their customers exceptional products and service. Boom! That’s what I’m talking about.

It was fun and beyond inspiring to be around so many talented, passionate local business owners. Shout out and special thanks to all the vendors that allowed us to put them on the spot (Sorry guys) but you all did a fantastic job sharing your story with us.

After we finished shooting all the footage, we took a short break to relax and enjoy an old fashioned. A RUM old fashioned (provided by Grateful Dane Distillery) sweetened by some tasty simple syrup by Statesman Simple Syrup, which was nicely stirred by  a great local bartender. Shout out to Erin. She was working it that night! Great job!

The event was a success. We enjoyed capturing footage, although, we wish we could have recorded more footage outside. Next time! But, the whole vibe was legit and I look forward to the next one.

Special thanks and shout out to my dude, Hector Garcia, for putting together such a great event! Hector is always giving back to the community and curates these events for the sole purpose of supporting local businesses. Much respect to you, Hector and all the volunteers who made this event special.

Thank you for letting us invade your space with our camera. Here’s a video recap of the event. Please feel free to tag, share this with your friends and fellow business folks.

If you have an event or need to share your business story on video, please feel free to reach out to us and let’s talk. REKORD is ready to provide you with your Houston Videography services.

Thank you Vendors!

Sorek Barbershop & Menswear: full barber setup on site
Soto & Co menswear truck: partnering with Sorek and will have their menswear van on site
Twisted Arrow Goods: wood & leather artisan
Back Country Nomad: outdoors themed apparel and other product
TXS Screenprinting: official apparel sponsor for Buffalo Market
Miradela: custom female brand and creator of the HTX Boss babes events in Houston
Chilequiles: handmade local salsa
Statesman Simple Syrup: official syrup sponsor for our Old Fashioned bar
Grateful Dane Distillery: official Rum sponsor for the Old Fashioned bar
Harris & Essex: pastry vendor
Kicpops: local popsicle vendor
Balls Out Burger truck
Cochinita & Co: Taco vendor
Luca Love: Handmade Columbian bracelets with a purpose
Onata Fragrances: Handmade Candle / Fragrance vendor
Rock Roll Hot Rods: motorcycle brand / showcasing motorcycles
The Tipping Point: provided a couple of cafe bikes to display in venue
The Byke Shop: vendor and coffee cart vendor
Moochila: shoe artisan
Black Dahlia Curiosities: jewelry vendor with custom trailer
Taste of Ecuador: Artisan chocolates
Ushuaia Co: moto apparel & lifestyle brand
DJ Melodic & DJ Dayta
Can You Spot Spirit: local dog-centric artist / creative
Sean Patrick Vo: local accessory & jewelry brand
BeSpokeHTX: artisan collective boutique

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