Beauty Remix Video for Capuchino Beauty

If there’s one thing we love about video production is having the opportunity to attend some really cool events. This event embodied fun on so many levels and REKORD was happy to be a part of it.

We were honored to work once again with the beauty entrepreneur/Houston make-up artist extraordinaire, Lisa Capuchino, for a Houston video shoot that displayed her mastery at work. Beauty Remix was an event organized by Rimmel London and Refinery29 which highlighted a hip, urban-style culture of make-up artists, fashionistas, and a whole lotta beautiful people.

The one and only, DJ Orange Calderon, was keeping the nostalgic, urban grooves flowing all the night long. That wasn’t the only thing flowing either. There were some amazing cocktails poured by the house bartenders at The Space HTX. Let’s just say we did some taste testing and the cocktails were on point! Lush Puff, Houston’s own was also in the house sugaring up the crowd with their flavorful cotton candy!

All the above was the frosting on the cake. The real treat was seeing and shooting Lisa Capuchino in her zone of genius. A long line awaited for her graceful, yet passionate make-up luxury. We rekorded her diligent, live make-up sessions throughout the night which was truly inspiring.

Lisa Capuchino is a true artist who is devoted to her craft and one that believes in giving her clients a luxurious, remarkable experience. It was an honor to shoot this video and give the world a glimpse of the Capuchino Beauty.


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