5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Become THE MEDIA


  1. Attention: With social media becoming the hub of information, news and entertainment. The snake oil style of marketing is done, over, no mas! Thank goodness. Marketing is about who can articulate their story in the most personal, valuable way. Businesses are now challenged to think about providing much more than straight forward advertising. Attention is your biggest asset in today’s new media-centric ecosystem. What is your business bringing to earn our attention?


  3. Social Media:  No brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many businesses still avoid social media and discard it as nothing else than child’s play. According to a 2018 Pew Research study, 68% of US adults are now on Facebook.  All the major hitters. Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube are growing significantly every day, every minute acquiring new interest from all demographics. So if you’re a business owner trying to get in front of eye-balls, why isn’t social media a part of your strategy? Social Media is an opportunity for businesses to attract, build trust, and directly connect with their consumers.

  5. The Big “B” Factor:  Branding is everything especially in today’s market. It is your promise, your reputation, and all things that make your business worth peoples attention. Media companies leverage their brand as a way to build a bridge between them and their customers. The lingo, the vibe, and all the nuances that make remarkable brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Apple matter. Do you see the commonality between all of the brands? Yes, ALL media-driven! They get “it”.


  7. Mobile Marketing: With the rise of mobile devices, people are gravitating towards entertaining and valuable content on their phones. They want to see funny memes, watch cool videos, listen to an inspiring story, and looking to share something they find interesting. It’s also the most convenient search device we have. Want to find a cool coffee house or fitness center in your area? What do you do? Pull out of your mobile device and search for it. Produce media content and they will find you.

  9. Content! Content! Content!: Traditional businesses fail to see content as a valuable asset in attracting new consumers. When you think like a media company, your content becomes the anchor to your business. The glue that makes consumers stick and fall in love with your product, service, etc.  The right kind of content gets you the right kind of attention you need which leads to new potential new clients.. Produce content. Give value. Be an outlet of resources and become a media driven business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach the untapped attention. Think Media.
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